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4 Years…

4 Years…

It’s amazing to think that 4 years ago around this time, I was a freshman in college.
That 4 years ago, I was completely broken, and couldn’t imagine getting out.
That 4 years ago, I was without hope, feeling lost and not knowing what to do
That 4 years ago, I decided that my life wasn’t worth living, and taking it was the answer
That 4 years ago, in desperation, and as a last plea, I told God…

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Oct 20, 2014

Now Listening: Yezzi Yezzir

I love music that makes me want to jump up and dance, that lets me relax and let loose…

Sep 29, 2014

Now Listening: Eddy Kenzo

Nigerian music isn’t the only type of African music I listen to, even if I am biased enough to say that it’s the best :)

One of my current favourites is Eddy Kenzo. He’s a Ugandan artist who is finally getting international attention.

Sitya Loss is a great song to dance to

and Nice and Lovely is smooth


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Oooo yes! @keliise’s tapered ‘do is giving us life!
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Oooo yes! @keliise’s tapered ‘do is giving us life!

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Sep 24, 2014

Now Listening: Israel Houghton

When I was in london, I got to attend church at Jesus House for All Nations, and it was my favourite part about being in London. I loved the church, the pastors and the choir. Praise and Worship have always been my favourite parts of church services and at some point, I thought about going to school to be a worship leader but God had other plans.

I got the chance to be a part of the choir for a…

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Gele tying is an art form that I have no patience to learn
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Gele tying is an art form that I have no patience to learn

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Restless Ramblings on a Fall Day

I feel so uninspired, unmotivated, bored. For some reason nothing makes me want to move, or be excited. I keep thinking about all of the things I need to do for the next stage of my life, and I get so overwhelmed that I end up sitting in my car, with the seat reclined, wanting a nap.

Maybe it’s because for the longest time, I was so busy that even breathing felt like it needed to be scheduled.…

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King Cudi
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King Cudi

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So beautiful
Aug 17, 2014

So beautiful

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Nigerian women!


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